Patient Testimonials

    Michael P. in Kissimee, FL | Jan 18, 2017

In the last year or so I noticed a dimple, tightening and mild pain in my left hand from the center of the palm to below the left pinky finger. I did not think much of it, but along about May or June of 2016 I started to notice a lump where my left pinky finger joins my palm. Along with this lump I noticed that my left pinky finger had begun to turn inwards towards my left palm to the point that by October of 2016 I could not straighten out my left pinky finger at all and it really began to cause me pain to the point where it would keep me awake at night. I went to my local medical practice for another issue on October 21, 2016 and had them look at my left hand as well. They immediately diagnosed the problem with my left hand as Dupuytren's Contracture and told me that I would most likely need hand surgery of some sort, and that my condition was advanced. They told me that they had no hand surgeon to refer me to, but that they would try to find someone. My wife and I are new to this area and do not know many doctors, nor did we know anyone who used a hand surgeon. My wife went on the computer searching for a hand surgeon who might be familiar with this disease, it's causes, implications and care. My wife found the Central Florida Hand Specialists web site on October 25th, 2016 and to my surprise, when I called for an appointment, I was scheduled the next day, October 26th for a consultation. We were impressed with Central Florida Hand Specialists because the web site listed Dupuytren's Contracture as one of the medical issues that they are familiar with. We were further impressed when we discovered Dr. Rubin was not only a Board Certified Orthopedic Hand Surgeon, but a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon as well. This was important to me as I had seen some pretty bad things about this surgery on the Internet. I met the office staff and Dr. Jerry Rubin the next day. I found the office to be run very well and Dr. Rubin to be extremely knowledgeable, informative and straightforward in his dealings with me. Dr. Rubin explained my options very plainly so that I could understand what my medical choices were. I had an X-Ray performed right in the office which confirmed the Dr.'s diagnosis. My options ranged from doing nothing to having surgery. After discussing my options with Dr. Rubin, I decided to have surgery performed as it was the best option for me. Dr. Rubin explained every single thing I needed to know and even showed me a series of photographs of how the healing process on my hand would progress over the next two months after surgery. I had my Pre-Operation Appointment with Dr. Rubin on October 28th and was scheduled for out patient surgery on November 1, 2016. I liked this idea as it did not require a hospital stay. Dr. Rubin stated that the surgery would be about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes long, that I would be getting a local nerve block anesthesia in my left shoulder and a mild sedative during surgery. Dr. Rubin had previously prescribed a pain medication in pill form so that I would have it in case I needed it after surgery. Dr. Rubin, his staff and the anesthesiologist went to great lengths to make sure that I understood everything that was going to happen. The surgery went at expected, I felt no pain or discomfort during or immediately after surgery. My surgery was completed by 9:15 a.m. I was in the recovery room for a while, but was able to leave with my left arm in a sling and had breakfast with my wife at Woodsby's Restaurant in Kissimmee by 11:15 a.m. that day. I found that I needed a minimum of pain medication over the next several days and then stopped taking it altogether. I was able to travel to New Hampshire about two weeks after surgery and drove the whole way without issue. The after surgery care was easy to follow and involved a fairly easy bandaging routine. I am fast forwarding 9 weeks from the date of my surgery, my hand is basically healed. It healed according to how Dr. Rubin said it would, I followed his aftercare instructions to the letter and had no infections or complications. The scarring to my left hand is almost unnoticeable and I have full use and function of that hand. The curvature and lump are gone, I can straighten out my fingers perfectly and have had just a little soreness once in a while, which is normal under the circumstances and Dr. Rubin said that it would go away. I am thrilled with the results and would do it all over again if I had to. I had expected much more pain, scarring and disability after the surgery and never experienced any of those negative results. Strangely enough, my regular medical practice contacted me with a referral to another hand surgeon after I had already been treated by Dr. Rubin. I am glad that I did not wait for them. I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Dr. Jerry Rubin's Medical Practice to any one with a hand problem. The level of skill and caring exhibited by Dr. Rubin and his staff are astounding and unusual in this day and age. It is his practice, so you will always see him every time, not some different doctor each time you have an office visit.

    Malitta J. in St. Clolud, FL | Dec 1, 2016

I would highly recommend Dr. Rubin to anyone. He is a fantastic plastic surgeon with a wonderful welcoming staff and office. He clearly explained his recommendations and was easy to understand. I have seen 3 hand surgeons over the years, and I now wish I had seen Dr. Ruben for my previous surgeries. If I had, I would have the invisible scars instead of what I have now. Dr. Ruben is the greatest!!!!

    Martha F. in Winter Haven, FL | Nov 20, 2016

He was recommended by a nurse friend. I was able to make an appointment relatively quickly. At his office I found the staff to be very friendly. The office space was clean and neat and everyone there acted professionally. The entire staff was very well organized, and there was no undue length of time spent waiting. Dr. Rubin is very concise with information and instructions, which caused me to immediately feel comfortable with his capabilities. The entire process has gone as predicted it would.