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Dr. Jerry Rubin is experienced in treating most conditions affecting the hand and upper extremity. He treats patients of all ages.
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In-Office Services

Digital X-ray
X-rays are conveniently done in the office and can be immediately viewed on a comupter monitor. X-rays are digitally stored and can be copied to a CD.
MSK Ultrasound is a relatively new technique that utilizes high resolution ultrasound to painlessly image crucial structures allowing prompt diagnosis of conditions such as ganglion cyst. Ultrasound guided injections allow accurate placement with less pain.
Electronic Medical Records
Dr. Rubin utilizes the latest electronic health record technology that meets HITECH standards and is HIPPA compliant.
Minor surgical procedures can be performed in the office in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Safe, convenient and cost-effective.

Same Day Appointments
Accidents happen and we are here to help. Same day appointments available. Call 321-939-3300
Telehealth Appointments
Now available. Discuss this option with our staff.