Jerry A. Rubin, M.D. has more than 20 years of experience

Outstanding Credentials

  • Undergraduate degree in engineering from Johns Hopkins University
  • Ivy League surgical training
  • 10 years of post-graduate training including 1 year of research
  • Triple board certified in Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Surgery of the Hand
  • Hand fellowship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Over 20 years in practice
  • Chief of staff at Florida Hospital Celebration Health 2005-2006
  • Published articles in peer reviewed textbooks and journals
  • Trusted by PGA Tour professionals
  • top rated hand surgeon in Central Florida
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Conditions We Treat

Dr. Rubin's undergraduate degree is in biomedical engineering. His training includes 15 months of vascular and cardiothoracic surgery, 3 years of plastic and reconstructive surgery and 2 years of hand and upper extremity surgery. He did research in microcirculation at the University of Heidelberg Department of Experimental Surgery. Dr. Rubin designed this web site and manages all 20 servers in his office. Get more information

Advanced Techniques

Jerry A. Rubin, M.D. utilzes the latest Techniques

By combining years of surgical experience with the latest technology has to offer, Dr. Rubin strives to offer his patients "cutting edge" procedures with proven results.


Minimally invasive procdedures such as endoscopic carpal tunnel release offer patients a quicker return to activities of daily living, work and sports while being less painful than traditional "open surgery".


MSK ultrasound allows rapid diagnosis of common conditions such as ganglion cyst and allows ultrasound guided injection of conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.


3D print modeling is a novel approach to treatment of complex deformities utilizing computer generated 3D print models to guide surgical planning and execution.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a new technique that holds promise for non-surgical treatment of conditions such as tennis elbow.

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Ask Dr. Rubin

What is my expected recovery from carpal tunnel surgery?

Most patients can resume activities of daily living, cell phone and computer use the next day following surgery. Sports activities including golf and tennis can usually be resumed in 3 weeks.